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Locally Sourced, Exotic Flavors


Welcome to Spice Asian Kitchen

Located in the heart of Kingsley Town Center in Fort Mill, SC, Spice draws its inspiration from the bold and savory flavors from the different regions of Asia. By infusing these exotic flavors into locally sourced ingredients, we want to transform the Asian cuisine that we've all grown too accustomed to, into a unique and refreshing dining experience. So join us on the on the roof top with unobstructed views overlooking the amphitheater and pond, we'd love to show you our latest creations.


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Image by Saile Ilyas

Events & Catering

From Corporate Functions to Personal Celebrations

For all your private dining needs, Spice is the perfect location. Whether a corporate event or personal occasion, we are at your service. Enjoy the privacy of our rooftop terrace for groups of 30 - 60 guests or the versatility of our main dining room and patio for larger groups. The warm ambiance, rustic modern décor, and flexible food and beverage offerings will perfectly compliment any occasion.

Connect with an Event Coordinator: | 803.548.6868

Looking to spice up a gathering that you're having offsite? We have a number of options that will accommodate those who are looking for something familiar or an adventurous discovery. Check out the to go catering menu below:



Artfully Curated Spices

Every dish consists of a progression of beautiful ingredients marinated and seasoned with aromatic herbs, cooked to perfection and served with a balance of flavors and texture.

Select from your favorite dishes of Dumplings and Pad Thai or trying something completely different like Bibimbap, Bossam, and Curry. Which ever you pick, we're sure you'll be delighted with the delectable burst of flavors.


Favorite Dishes

Spicy Tuna Rice Crisps

Fresh tuna, spicy mayo, sweet soy, scallions, over crispy rice rounds, topped with sesame seeds.

Green Curry Mussels

Made to order. Fresh PEI mussels sauteed with onions and garlic, the pan is then deglazed with a rice wine and simmered in a conconut cream green curry until the each mussel is perfectly cooked and coated with the rich flavors of the curry. Served with toasted crostini.

Sashimi Tuna Nachos

Fresh big eye tuna is cubed and doused in a ponzu marinade, garnished with pickled onions, sliced radish, and chopped scallions, served over a bed of fried crispy wonton wrappers and finished off with a spicy aioli.


One of the most iconic Korean dishes. A mixture of sauteed and pickled seasonal vegetables, thinly sliced sauteed marinated ribeye steak, topped with a fresh egg. An unforgetable spectrum of seared flavors are created as the ingredients are combine in the molten stone bowl.

Short Rib

Slow roasted marinated short rib with wok fired vegetable medley, served with dirty rice.


Another quintessential Korean dish. Pork shoulder, brinded for 24+ hours, and slowed cooked for 6 hours to form a savory crust with a tender succulent center. A generous slice is served with cucumbers, jalepenos, kimchi, and bibb lettuce to make the most incredible wraps.

Favorite Dishes
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